Skin Treatments

Refresh and redefine your skin’s confidence.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels cause intentional damage to a certain layer of the skin with the goal of stimulating new tissue to enhance the skin’s texture and tone. These peels have different grade levels depending on the severity of your concerns and facial intentions. Chemical peels can help those with acne-prone skin and are also fantastic for reducing the appearance of larger pores.


This treatment is a physical exfoliating method that requires the use of a sterilized surgical scalpel to gently shave the top layer of the skin, the stratum corneum (outermost layer of the epidermis), dead skin, and peach fuzz – which can make your makeup sit flawlessly and appear airbrushed. This procedure results in smooth, bright, and a fresh complexion. It also promotes cell metabolism which helps renew the skin.

Products We Use

At ML Aesthetics Clinic, we use the highly-recognized AlumierMD product line for the treatments. Their products are professional, medical-grade skincare advancements dedicated to reflecting Clean Science. We also sell AlumierMD products at our clinic along with other well-respected brands in the medical aesthetics industry.


Our cosmetic professionals will assess your face prior to any treatment and advise you on which procedure you would more benefit from. They will also ask a few questions about your concerns and facial desires to determine which one would be right for you.
Depending on which peel you get, the procedure varies. When the chemical solution is applied, you might feel some sensations such as mild tingling which is temporary and doesn’t last for more than a few minutes because the peel self neutralizes.
When performed by a certified aesthetician, dermaplaning is completely safe. There are no risks as it is quite similar to shaving your legs and no downtime is associated with this treatment.